SEQUEL for PostgreSQL App Reviews

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Clearly a work in progress

This appears to be a one man show and if the developer loses interest, goodbye support.

the best PostgreSQL GUI on mac

i’m using Sequel for about a month now and I think this is the best GUI for the mac available right now! tried a few other apps, but their interface was sluggish and not very intuitive… what i also like in this app is its speed and the fact it took me just a few minutes to connect securely over SSL to my databases and check the table views. i also loved the poweful editor and the console logging window. while looking for a functionality i was missing, i got in touch with their support and heard back from their main developer who shared a very long list of feautres coming in the next version, including the one i was asking for! definitely a good investment in a very nice and native mac GUI which comes at an affordable price, comparing the alternatives

So Far So Good

Just downloaded this app to evaluate its suitability in a development environment. It took only a few minutes to get a handle on the GUI, which is not totally unlike Apple’s Xcode layout. I was able to connect to my remote PostgreSQL server via SSL without issue. Even after a couple of hours use, the connection is still solid and responsive, with queries retruning results in the expected amount of time. I have several years experience with PostgreSQL and Oracle before that. To me, this app shows promise, and is perfectely usable even at it’s current early version. Are there minor issues I could complain about? Yes, but none are deal killers. Overall, the early impression is that it's solid and comprehensive. I also have a few of the other Postgres admin apps, and this app seems to be at least on par if not better than most. I will definitely be giving it a chance to prove its mettle in my daily developer duties.

Support only tries to re-sell you, no refunds!

TLDR; your queries will be slower, connecting to the database will be slower, if you want a refund you’ll just be presented with the app dev trying to convince you that you don’t want a refund, the app isn’t finished, the app is too “artsy” for a daily driver, the app has no customizability. To start, this app is more of an art project than a database client, as the focus was definitely more on style than functionality. You’ll notice that the first time you try to open the app preferences, there aren’t any. Styles were chosen on a whim, some text and icons bleed into the background making them difficult or impossible to see (even though I have 20/10 vision and no color blindness). The app also inserts animations in critical paths of the app, slowing down your workflow (thought you were going to Cmd+Q then Cmd+Tab to another app? nope gotta click the confirm exit dialog like it’s windows or something). Now onto the technical issues. The app will randomly take up to 40 seconds to connect to your database, other times it’ll connect within 5 seconds. Never did it connect in under 1 second (with the database on the same switch as the host with the app connecting to it). Another issue is that queries are about 40% slower vs other clients. That’s fine for small queries but when you have queries that run over a day or so you really have to pay that price. What made matters even worse is that support suggests that it is my database and/or network, even though every other client I use with the same database have none of these issues.

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