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SEQUEL for PostgreSQL

Developer Tools Utilities
Developer: SEQUEL TECH
59.99 USD


SEQUEL for PostgreSQL is a professional DB administration and management tool, with extremely intuitive and feature rich GUI that makes it the best assistant tool for developers and admins. SEQUEL is lightweight, fast and powerful that it can significantly simplify the DB management process. For those who cannot live without a CLI, SEQUEL offers a powerful Query Editor with syntax highlight, autocomplete and a Console log view that is always visible, so you can monitor the communication with your databases.

It also features:

‧ Database management forms for schemas, regular, temporary and foreign tables, indices, foreign keys, triggers, rules, sequence, collations, domains, base, enum, range and composite data types, operators, tablespaces, aggregates, functions, foreign data wrappers, foreign servers, event triggers, languages, full text search configurations, dictionaries, parsers and templates, with extended parameters support
‧ Assistant info views for Object information, Actions, Help and Documentation
‧ Jump bar for quick objects selection and navigation
‧ Task bar with multi-task monitoring support
‧ Console log view
‧ Syntax highlight with font and colours customisation
‧ Line numbering
‧ Direct editing in the results view, query results explanation
‧ NOTICE messages support
‧ Powerful Field Editor and Field Preview
‧ Transaction based database updates
‧ Code preview and Content editing
‧ Interface colours customisation

and many more

SEQUEL allows you to have a direct database connection, or you can use the built-in SSH tunneling or SSL encryption of your connection.

SEQUEL for PostgreSQL supports all PostgreSQL Database servers starting from version 9.1.